Please Take a Moment and Read Testimonials From People We’ve Helped:

I want to say thank you to Help Ministries for everything you have done for all of us, especially from me! I have enjoyed all the reading material that has been donated and passed around to enhance my relationship with my Savior. The more I learn about Him the better I can walk with Him. I can’t […]

Angela C.

A HUGE Thank You to HELPS RESOURCE CENTER for their very generous donation to help Santino N. bring his family to safety of Phoenix.

Santino N.

  Thank you! HELPS and Andrea have blessed my life immensely. God bless you!

Amanda L.B.D

MINISTRY OF HELPS: Thank you so much I so very much appreciate this so much Andrea is so amazing, caring and giving again thank you so much and god bless!

Carol Ann F.V.

Thank you HELPS Ministry for this week inmate support. Thank you and I love you all and I’m so stoked about Gods ministry and the blessings being bestowed upon us. This ministry is such a blessing! I thank you with all my heart.

Jason V.

Your support, spiritual and all has made my jail stay manageable. Thank you again HELPS!!

Jena Rae M.

Thank-you HELPS! Thank-you so much for the bible books I really enjoyed them. I also appreciated the money as well it helped me so much!

Michele Lee M.

BOOKS AND MONEY To our Lord and Savoir…broke my heart and motivates me everyday to preach the gospel. Thank you for the ammo to fight the good fight, one of spiritual principality On keepin on.  Thanks That book reminds me not to temp God. Just think of watching people burn and being tortured some of […]

Nathan K.

BOOK REQUEST Thank you so much for sending the books, I feel so blessed for them. I’m so very anxious to get into the recovery Bible and to have a daily reader; thank you again for everything. God bless you! I cant express enough how thankful I am for the help; I will continue to […]

Michelle M.