Inmate Book Request Program

Please be very specific in regarding the Christian literature requested.  Let us know if your facility does not allow hardback books.  If you are unsure of the books you are interested in, put the type or topic and we will search for a book that best fits that description.  HELPS cannot guarantee the availability of the books your request.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.  Up to 3 books a year per inmate please.

Attention Chaplain:

For Indigent Inmates, please mail this form to:

Helps Book Ministry

119 South Valley Drive PMB 234

Nampa, Idaho 83686

Orders can be faxed to (208) 467-1273

*All orders are free and come from donations to our Non-Profit Organization.  If you appreciate these gift and books or if you want to tell us your experience or express your gratitude, please write to us at the address above. HELPS is a 501C Charity. This is a non-affiliated non-denominational Christian-based Ministry.
For inquiries in to our ministry please call (208) 402-8822 or visit