HRC Homeless Project
Boise Mayor David Bieter announces the cleanup of Cooper Court a homeless camp Friday Dec. 4, 2105.

Boise Disbands Cooper Court

Boise Mayor David Bieter announces the cleanup of Cooper Court a homeless camp Friday Dec. 4, 2015.

Boise homeless advocates embrace Housing First. But what is it?

The Boise mayor and executive director of the Boise City-Ada County Housing Authority talk about their organizations’ partnership to address homelessness Tues. Feb. 9th, 2016
HELPS Resource Center wants to create an emergency fund to help the homeless in the Boise area.
Donations Are Tax Deductible
Your gifts to our charity can do more than make you feel good.  When you donate to HELPS Resource Center, the amount you donate is tax deductible.
Be Part of Something Bigger
Donating a little bit of money or time may not seem like much.  But when your donation is joined with others, it becomes something much bigger.
Every little bit helps.  Any donation, big or small makes a huge difference in what we can accomplish within our community.

Transitional Storage Program Can Help the Homeless Get Back on Their Feet!

HELPS Resource Center is very interested in launching a similar Transitional Storage Program in the state of Idaho.   Although the Transitional Storage Program is not a permanent solution, this is definitely a step in the right direction.  The development of these types of programs within communities can help bridge the gap between successful transition or perpetual homelessness.
A wonderful example of this community program is San Diego’s Transitional Storage Center which was developed in 2009.
It is considered to be a successful program in relieving some of the stressful conditions of homelessness.
HELPS Resource Center wants to help offer some relief for the homeless in Idaho by offering transitional storage to all whom need it.
Please help us make this a reality in the community by donating now.

We Want to Give the Homeless Opportunities, Provisions, Resources, Tools and The Necessities

They Need to Survive On the Streets

Please Help Us By Donating Money!
The easiest way to help the homeless in Idaho is to donate your money.  Over 70% of donations (30% is used for supplies and operating costs of the program) go directly to aid homeless people through the HRC Homeless Project.
Donating money enables the HRC professional staff to organize the most help where it is needed in our community.  You can, if you want to, specify how you want your money to be used. Just make a note to us on your check or credit card payment.



119 South Valley Drive, Suite PMB 234

Nampa, Idaho 83686


CALL DIRECT – (208) 402-8822


If you don’t want to give money, help by giving of your time, services or skills.  You can help make the difference in the life of a homeless person right here in Idaho.
HELPS Resource Center Needs Volunteers:
  • Help us by stuffing or distributing clothes, gift bags, care packages, or survival kits.
  • Help by entering area resources into the online HELPS Resource Center.
  • Gather up any clothes, toys, books, household goods, toiletries or computers you’re not using and donate them to HELPS Resource Center.
  • Help us to offer a warm meal by donating gift certificates to a fast-food restaurant.
  • Help us to offer additional supplies by donating grocery or department store gift cards.

You Can Help by Getting Involved

Follow local politics. Attend neighborhood and public meetings and speak up in favor of low-income housing, group homes, shelters, and homelessness prevention programs.
Talk to elected officials: Let elected officials know you’d like to see Housing First solutions. Demand an end to government measures to criminalize homelessness.
Register people experiencing homelessness to vote.  Find out how you can lobby for homeless voting rights written policy or law in your state. The “You Don’t Need a Home to Vote” nonpartisan voter registration/education/get-out-the-vote campaign occurs nationwide each election cycle.
City of Boise, Mayor’s Office……..…..(208) 384-4404
Ada County Commissioners…….….….(208) 287-7000
Governor’s Office……………..…………….(208) 334-2100