Santino Nyang is one of the original “Lost Boys of Sudan” as accurately depicted in the movie, “The Good Lie”, starring Reese Witherspoon.  He now lives in Phoenix, AZ and works at the Fry’s Foods (a division of Kroger) near his home. (SEE:

At age 11 the North Sudanese Muslim Army raided his village killing raping the women, killing the men and any children they found.  They killed Santino’s father but his mother lived through that ordeal. Santino was sent to run into the jungle by his mother so he would live.  For four days he ran through the jungle coming across lions, tigers and snakes before he found another human, and that was his cousin.  They met thousands of others fleeing the Muslims all heading to safety in Ethiopia.   They had to keep hiding from the Muslim soldiers who patrolled the paths they had to take to get to Ethiopia.

After walking for 3 months and 1,000 miles they arrived in an Ethiopian refugee camp.  After 2 years there the U.N. sent them to southern Sudan, so they had to walk another 1,000 miles — as a boy of only 13 – to another refugee camp in Kenya. 

In 2000 Santino and his cousin were relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he became a U.S citizen in 2007, works at a Fry’s grocery store in NE Phoenix and is working toward a degree in Retail Management at Maricopa Community Colleges

In 2010 Santino went to Africa to visit his family and was very surprised when they announced to him they had found a bride for him and they were to get married on this visit.   Santino’s wife is very attached to her mother and was not ready to come to the U.S. but she is now ready to come with the children to be a complete family. 

Over the past few years, from subsequent visits to Africa Santino is now the very proud father of a 4-year-old boy and a girl who is nearly 2.  When he went to Africa for 2 months recently neither of his children left his side for a second … that is how much they miss him and need him.

With the rapidly growing spread of ISIS and other radical Muslims in Africa, Santino fears for the safety of his 2 beautiful, loving children and wants to bring them to the safety of the United States … HE NEEDS YOUR HELP.   He does not want them to have to flee to the jungle when the Muslim Soldiers decide to attack the village where his children live. 

John Chandler is working hard to help; “All I am asking for is a few dollars from many people to reach the $20,000 Santino will need to cover all of the costs for him to fly to Africa, complete the stacks of paperwork the African government and the U.S. Consulate / Embassy will require for him to bring his children here — because Santino is a U.S. citizen, so are his children.”  (To learn more about Santino Nyang and his fundraising goals, visit
If you have any questions you may phone – John Chandler – if I do not have the answers you want, he will ask Santino personally for the answers.
John ChandlerChandler Search
P.O. Box 54445, Phoenix, AZ  85078
If you like, you may send a “Friend” request to Santino on Facebook at Santino Nyang.



Source: Pastor Cecil’s eVotionals

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